The 29 young people who carried out internships within the joint programme of the European Union and the Government of the Republic of Moldova graduated today, receiving their diplomas during a festive ceremony. The event was chaired by the Prime Minister Dorin Recean and the Ambassador of the European Union in the Republic of Moldova Janis Mazeiks.

At the closing event, Prime Minister Dorin Recean thanked the European Union, EU High Level Advisers and representatives of public institutions who supported the initiative and presented the young people an inside view of the activities carried out. Also, the prime minister urged the interns to continue contributing to the transformations necessary for the European integration of the Republic of Moldova. “With an efficient public administration, we are building a prosperous country with a better living standard for our citizens and better conditions for business development. Joining the European family is our strategic objective together with teams of professionals from public institutions”, concluded the Prime Minister.

For his part, the European official mentioned that the Internship Programme is „one of the most favourite programmes within the EU Delegation as we truly think that in such a way we can contribute to building a strong and professional public administration in the Republic of Moldova and also help the young people increase their chances of employment. I am happy to hear that some of the graduates of last year’s edition have been employed in the public sector and I am hopeful that among the graduates of this year’s edition many will also chose a career in civil service, which is sometimes challenging, yet very rewarding.”

The programme, lasting two months, included working side by side with civil servants from the central authorities, having as mentors EU High Level Advisers – with the aim of strengthening the capacities of young people and increasing their chances of employment in the future. In addition, the young people received extensive training in various sectors of the public administration, having the opportunity to form a clear picture of its functioning and discussing all aspects with the top management of relevant ministries and agencies. The interns received a monthly allowance, the programme being fully financed by the European Union.

The young people included in the Programme were selected following a competitive process based on the participation files composed of CVs and letters of motivation, followed by interviews with an Evaluation Commission comprising representatives of the Delegation of the European Union, the Government of the Republic of Moldova and EU High Level Advisers.

Finalists of the Programme include students, master students and recent graduates of higher education institutions both in the country and abroad – young people eager to start their careers in public institutions and contribute to the modernization of the country, and some of them have already participated in job interviews and are about to start a career in the country’s public service.

The launch of the Programme was preceded by an extensive information campaign, carried out in four of the largest universities in the country, but also online, for Moldovan students from the diaspora. The programme was carried out on the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding, signed by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, the Council of Rectors and the EU High Level Advisers Mission.

The programme is in its second edition; out of the 47 graduates of the previous edition, some are already employed in the public sector.

Details about the Programme, the selection criteria, the application process are available at

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