A new Communication Strategy of the Customs Service, accompanied by an action plan, was presented to the general public today, October 11. The strategy was developed with the support of the European Union, through its project “EU High Level Advisers’ Mission”, with the main objective to establish a clear framework for both internal and external interaction, but also to identify the right channels and instruments in this regard.

At the Strategy launching event, the Director of the Customs Service, Igor Talmazan, emphasized the important role of communication for the Customs authority, with the subsequent aim of facilitating trade, creating a favorable climate for business, and ensuring transparency in the activities carried out.

In his turn, Vasile Plămădeala, Trade Officer within the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, mentioned the stable partnership enjoyed by the Republic of Moldova and the European Union, based on the Association Agreement; the EU being the main trade partner of our country. Prompt, open communication from the Customs authority is essential in facilitating trade, and the EU has been continuously supporting efforts to modernize the institution.

Among other objectives of the Customs Service Communication Strategy, the following can be listed: development and implementation of internal and external communication channels; development and implementation of a two-way information flow, highlighting the role of the Customs Service and communicating the results of its activity in a user-friendly and understandable manner; building the trust in the Customs Service as an entity aiming to provide high-quality, professional, reliable and impartial public services, fulfilling its mission efficiently and empathetically in regard to stakeholders.

The event was attended by representatives of the business environment, producers’ associations, public authorities and the media.