A working meeting of the representatives of Frontex, the EU High Level Adviser on Internal Security Affairs and members of the General Police Inspectorate, Border Police, Customs Services, and PCCOCS (Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Organized Crime and Special Cases) to discuss the current and next phases regarding the Security HUB in Moldova took place yesterday, 3 August. The topics raised included border security of the Republic of Moldova, firearms, illegal trafficking, investigations, data management, and the support Frontex can offer to the Republic of Moldova for the EU Security HUB activity and its urgent objectives.

The meeting provided the possibility for Moldovan authorities such as the Police Inspectorate, Border Police, prosecutors and specialists in international and national investigations in cross border trafficking to have an exchange of expertise with European officials. Frontex colleagues pinpointed the knowledge, trainings and the equipment they can deliver to Moldovan law enforcement institutions. The key idea behind the Frontex training approach is to create a capacity of knowledge multipliers at national level on border management security and this way to increase border capacity of Moldovan authorities.

The meeting was a great opportunity to bring together EU law enforcement agencies and Moldovan authorities to try to build a plan on ways to increase the Moldovan border security, prevent illegal trafficking but also strengthen the cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union.