The 65 interns enrolled in the Joint Internship Program of the European Union and the Government of the Republic of Moldova took part in the first information session of the series of planned ones, and namely the one dedicated to the institutional architecture of the state.

Irina Alexe, senior expert in strategic planning, was the one who shared with the young people the information useful for a future civil servant. The young people learned in detail about the normative framework that underlies the functioning of a state, the principle of power separation and balance in the state, the cooperation between authorities and state institutions.

The internship program started last week and will last for two months, during which students, masters students and young graduates studying in the country and abroad will work side by side with civil servants, being guided by EU High Level Advisers. During the duration of the Programme, in addition to the activities in which the interns are involved every day, a series of seminars, trainings, joint workshops are planned to strengthen both the theoretical and practical knowledge of the young people.

Every month, the young people in the program receive an allowance, which is fully financed by the European Union.