The interns enrolled in the joint Internship Programme of the European Union and the Government of the Republic of Moldova took part today, 3 August, in an informative session on education, its main focus being Education & EU integration.

Minister Dan Perciun addressed the young people underlining that their internship programme is an excellent opportunity to find out what public administration means in practice: ‘I hope that this experience will motivate you to chose a career in the public sector, as we need young, enthusiastic people to implement reforms.’

Interns were involved in a practical exercise of developing messages for pupils from all the school stages on EU integration and its benefits – a topic proposed by the Ministry for the traditional 1st September/start of school year 1st lesson.

Young people addressed all the questions they had related to the education sector to the Minister, State Secretary and the EU HLA on Education & Research, suggesting also proposals for its modernization.

The series of informative sessions for interns will continue in the upcoming weeks with various topics of EU HLAs’ intervention sectors.