Over 50 professionals from criminal investigation institutions and tax institutions participated today in the inter-institutional seminar “Introduction to Blockchain & On-Chain Forensics”, organised by the EU High Level Advisers’ Mission. The seminar was opened by the acting General Prosecutor Ion Munteanu, the Director of the Office for Prevention and Fight Against Money Laundering Service Daniel Marius Staicu and Programme Manager of the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova, Irina Cruceru.

Participants learned about how to use blockchain capabilities to detect cryptocurrency fraud and money laundering in emerging countries. The trainers, Vlad Mercori and Matei Vârsta, among other subjects, focused on centralised and decentralized exchanges, the importance of regulations for prevention of fraud and money laundering, the impact of blockchain investigations in corruption cases, taking into account the reliability of the evidence obtained through blockchain investigations.

The event was organised following the assessment of the possibility of obtaining faster results for financial investigations through coordinated actions of the institutions of the Republic of Moldova, for which the development of practical skills in this field will constitute a significant step in progressing in special investigations and ultimately improve the track record of crime investigations and sentences.