Justina Grigaraviciene, EU High-Level Adviser on Green Transition had a working meeting with Dumitru Cojocaru, Director of “Moldsilva” Agency.
Before being selected as the EU High-Level Adviser, Justina Grigaraviciene served as Deputy Minister of the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment. Within the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment Ms Grigaraviciene provides advice in the field of environmental policy analysis, identification of issues and solutions for the solid waste management sector.

Dumitru Cojocaru and Justina Grigaraviciene had a useful dialogue about the current state of the environment sector in the Republic of Moldova, realities and perspectives with national and transboundary impact. The director of the Agency “Moldsilva” spoke about the current concerns of the forestry branch, the identification of solutions for the development of the forest fund, and the process of institutional reform, which aims to develop efficient and sustainable forest management.

At the same time, the interlocutors addressed topics such as biodiversity and nature protection, climate change, experience exchange and good practices in forest resource management, forest management, protected area management, nurseries, wood processing and forestry. In this context, parties discussed further useful collaboration opportunities. Also, they exchanged views regarding the possibility and necessity of implementing practical projects. In the same context, it has been proposed to carry out a field visit to the forestry entities from the “Moldsilva” structure.

Dumitru Cojocaru and Justina Grigaraviciene appreciated the cooperation opportunities that can support the forestry branch development, especially in view of mitigating post-pandemic and climate change effects, and agreed that this useful dialogue will be continued by establishing a clear institutional framework with specific projects and solutions.