An informal network of development partners active in the anticorruption field was kicked off on Friday, at the initiative of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova. The main aim of the network is to provide a communication platform for all the donors active in the field of anticorruption for regular interaction, identification of synergies and coordination of efforts.
The first informal meeting was held on Friday, 23 September, chaired by Irina Cruceru, Programme Manager for Good Governance and Public Administration Reform, Anticorruption and Anti-money laundering within the Delegation of the European Union, and Pawel Wojtunik, EU High Level Adviser on Anticorruption.

Representatives of major development partners which are currently running projects on anticorruption in Moldova, including Embassies of France, Romania, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the USA, as well as UNDP, USAID, GIZ took part in the meeting.
Participants listed the ongoing initiatives in the field of anticorruption, as well as plans for the next period, identifying potential cooperation opportunities and making sure to avoid overlapping of efforts.

Participants agreed to meet on a regular basis and continue communication.

The Network remains open to all development partners who are planning to develop programmes and projects on anticorruption in the Republic of Moldova.

The meeting was organised with the support of the EU-funded project ‘EU High Level Advisers’ Mission’.