The members of the Steering Committee of the ‘EU High Level Advisers’ Mission’ EU-funded project gathered yesterday, 30 November, to take stock of the annual 360° evaluations of the High Level Advisers.

In the opening of the meeting, Artur Mija, Secretary General of the Government, stressed the valuable expertise the Government is receiving via the High Level Advisers, this being especially relevant in the context of Moldova’s candidate status and starting negotiations for EU accession. Magdalena Mueller-Uri, Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation, emphasized the unique character of the project, enabling the Moldovan beneficiaries to benefit from long-term policy advice, on a strategic level, but also short- and mid-term expertise via the Technical Support Facility. In the same time, the Internship Programme funded by the project aims at increasing the internal administrative capacity of the Moldovan institutions.

Pavlos Kollias, Team Leader of the project, presented the results of the annual 360° evaluations of the 9 HLAs – in the fields of Anticorruption, Education and Research, Energy, Environment and Green Transition, Internal Security Affairs, Strategic Coordination and European Affairs, Reforms Coordination, Local Public Administration Reform, Customs and Tax Policy. 360° evaluations is an annual exercise involving a full evaluation of the performance of each High Level Adviser, both by the Moldovan institutions working with the HLAs and by the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova. Based on the results of this annual evaluation, the Moldovan institutions, in agreement with the EU Delegation, decide to extend or end the contract of the High Level Advisers.  Having taken note of the presented evaluations, the members of the Steering Committee unanimously agreed to extend the contracts of the nine EU HLAs being evaluated, for one more year.