The information campaign on the provisions of the new Customs Code, after covering the Nortnern part of the country, reaches the South: over 40 representatives of the business community of Cahul take part in the session organised on 2 November in Cahul. The campaign is organised by the Customs Service and the EU High Level Advisers’ Mission.

During the session, information on subjects like customs control, customs regimes, customs value, origin of goods, IT, customs revenues was delivered by specialists of the Customs Service and by the EU High Level Adviser on Customs & Tax Policy.

The changes that will be introduced once the new Customs Code enters into force, are a subject of interest for economic operators, residents of free economic zones, customs brokers and specialists in the field of customs, and the information sessions are organized for a better understanding of application of the new provisions, but also for an exchange of information and opinions to improve the services offered to the business environment.

The first meeting of the campaign was held on October 24, 2023, in Briceni, with the participation of 40 representatives of the business environment from the Northern region of the country; the second one took place in Balti bringing together over 60 business people. The information sessions will continue in Comrat (November 7), Ungheni (November 9), Căușeni (November 14) and Chisinau (November 16).