The information campaign of the Internship Programme, after covering the South and North of the country, reached the capital city – today, 16th of May 2023. over 100 students gathered in the Senate Room  of the State University of Moldova, interested to find out details about the internship opportunity, but also to learn from first-hand about the career experience of the Prime Minister, the Head of Operations Section of the European Union Delegation, as well as the EU High Level Adviser on Reforms Coordination.

The interns who will be selected to join the programme will have the opportunity to work for two months, in central public institutions, hand in hand with civil servants and mentored by the EU High Level Advisers. This year’s edition is built around the topics of the EU negotiation clusters: Fundamentals, Internal Markets, Competitiveness & Inclusive Growth, Green agenda & sustainable connectivity, Resources, agriculture & cohesion, External relations.

Prime Minister Dorin Recean mentioned: “I invite you to accept this challenge, sign up for the internship programme and choose a career in the public service. Our objective is to build a competitive public sector, that’s why I encourage you to be ambitious and contribute, along with us, to the process of our country’s accession to the European Union.”

For her part, Magdalena Mueller-Uri noted that, after 21 years in public service, she is still “fascinated by what she is doing” and encourages young people to take advantage of this opportunity in the hope that they will discover the importance of work for the benefit of citizens and will want to become part of such a complex system as the public administration is.

The Internship Programme is a joint initiative of the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the European Union, offering paid internships in state institutions to students of the last year of I cycle of studies, master students and recent graduates, with the aim of enhancing their chances of starting a career in the civil service. This is the Programme’s second year, last year’s edition having been graduated by 47 interns, some of which being already employed in the country’s civil service.

The awareness raising campaign of the Programme will continue tomorrow, 17 May, with an online event for Moldovan students pursuing their studies abroad and for those not able to attend the events in Universities; and on 23 May, in the Academy of Economic Studies. The live transmission can be watched here, and more details about the Programme – its requirements, selection criteria and the application process can be found here.

More pictures from the event are available in the Gallery