A seminar on Transnistrian settlement approaches in new realities was held on May 27-28 for the staff of the Bureau for Reintegration Policies. The event was organised jointly by the European Union High Level Advisers’ Mission to the Republic of Moldova and the Bureau for Reintegration Policies.

Topics discussed included the current regional context, developments and approaches in the new circumstances in the Transnistrian settlement process, human rights situation in the eastern districts of the country and actions taken, the logic of confidence-building measures, international conflicts in a comparative perspective, the role of culture and memory-based policies with recommendations relevant for the regulatory process, strategies and techniques for efficient communication.

Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Oleg Serebrian, former Deputy Prime Minister Alexandru Flenchea, Ambassador at Large from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Andrei Popov, executive director of the Promo-LEX Association Ion Manole, director of Oral History Institute of Moldova Alexei Tulbure, communication specialist Vitalie Condratchi were the main speakers of the event, sharing their knowledge and experience with seminar’s participants.

The seminar served as an opportunity to consolidate the Bureau’s institutional capacities and updating the existing policies.