The Ministry of Education and Research of the Republic of Moldova, with the support of the EU High Level Advisers’ Mission, continued the awareness raising campaign on popularizaiton of the teaching career and promotion of pedagogical institutions, in the northern region of Moldova, being hosted by the “Alecu Russo” State University in Balti.

The event was attended by final year students from the pedagogical specialties of the “Alecu Russo” State University in Bălți, “Ion Creangă” Pedagogical College in Bălți, “Vasile Lupu” College in Orhei, “Mihai Eminescu” College in Soroca, young teachers employees in high schools, middle schools and kindergartens, laureates of the “Teacher of the Year” Competition, university management, high school principals and over 100 students from Bălți, Fălești, Florești, Sângerei, Râșcani, Drochia, Glodeni, future high school and gymnasium graduates.

The Minister of Education and Research Anatolie Topală spoke about the importance of the teaching profession in society and the actions of the ministry to attract and maintain good teachers in the educational system. The state grants a series of facilities to those who opt for a teaching career: higher scholarships for students from the pedagogical profile, an allowance for beginning teachers in the amount of 120,000 lei in the first three years of activity, compensation for paying heating bills and electricity, as well as 0.75 didactic norm for a full salary. The Ministry came up with the initiative to extend the period for supporting young specialists from three to five years. The ministry also invests in strengthening the capacities of pedagogical education institutions to improve study programs and conditions. Recently, grants in the amount of over 150 million lei were allocated to 10 institutions with a pedagogical profile, 4 universities and 6 colleges, with the aim of improving the training of teachers.

The Rector of the “Alecu Russo” State University from Balti, Natalia Gașițoi, presented the professional training opportunities in the field of Educational Sciences, presenting the educational offer of the university, the possibilities of higher education institutions, emphasizing the fact that special attention is granted to specialties with a didactic profile.

The traditional discussion panels followed with students from the pedagogical specialties, young specialists and teachers winners of the “Pedagogue of the Year” Competition. The speakers emphasized the importance of the teaching profession, the role of the teaching staff who must always be connected to the future, keep up with each generation, continuously consolidating their skills, because it depends on them how prepared and adaptable today’s young people will be to the realities of tomorrow. Beginning teachers, as well as experienced ones, spoke about spiritual fulfillment, permanent intellectual ascent, the joy and satisfaction experienced when you get to see your students accomplished and fulfilled. The challenges faced by teachers were also addressed, with several solutions offered, and the need to increase the prestige of the teaching profession was also discussed.

Traditionally, the event ended with activities in practical workshops presenting the educational offers from the “Alecu Russo” State University in Balti and from the pedagogical colleges. Potential future educators have shown interest in educational programs. The students participating in the event received promotional materials with the motto “Good teachers, prosperous country. Choose to become a teacher” and enjoyed an artistic program.

The teaching career awareness raising campaign “Good teachers, prosperous country.” Choose to become a teacher!” started in Chisinau, for educational institutions in the center of the country, after which it took place in Cahul, for the Southern region, and on December 17, 2022, it ended in the north of the country, in Bălți, thus concluding the first stage of the campaign.