Field:Assistant of the EU High Level Adviser on Local Public Administration Reform
Holding a degree in Foreign Languages (BA and MA) and in International Relations (BA), as well as a Master’s degree in Economics, Rodica has over 10 years of experience in the role of assistant/translator/interpreter in a wide range of EU and US projects, as well as at the US Embassy, Moldova.

She is also a sworn translator and interpreter authorized by the Moldovan Ministry of Justice and has a vast freelance experience in providing translation and interpretation for IOM, UNDP/UN agencies and numerous projects and NGOs.

Rodica’ s Master’s degree thesis in Economics focused on smart specialization and the EU policies that foster innovation-driven growth. In one of the articles that she has published, Rodica analyzes specifically the role of smart specialization in regional development.

Currently, Rodica is working on her PhD thesis in Economics that focuses on economic disparities, including at the regional level, and on what influence the inequalities might have on the inclusive economic growth.

In September 2019, Rodica was presented the Eagle Award for providing key support to enable the US Embassy to help the Rep. of Moldova improve financial stability through technical assistance in bank supervision.