Ad hoc project steering committee of the “Support to the Implementation of the EU High Level Advisers’ Mission” took place today, 28 May 2021. Representatives of the Government institutions and members of the steering committee discussed and assessed the performance of eight out of the ten EU High Level Advisers. The committee finally decided to extend their contracts for one more year.

At the opening of the meeting, Adrian Ermurachi, Deputy Secretary General of the Government, emphasized on the highly valuable support the Government is receiving via the EU High Level Advisers’ Mission. He expressed his confidence that all beneficiary institutions work actively together with the EU HLAs on the efficient and effective implementation of the Association Agreement and Agenda.

Magdalena Mueller-Uri, Head of the Operations Section of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova stressed the importance of the EU High Level Advisers’ Mission, especially in light of the next EU Multiannual Indicative Programme. She encouraged the state institutions to fully utilize the instruments of the Mission, including the short-term expertise available under the Technical Support Facility.

Pavlos Kollias, Team Leader of the Mission, presented the positive results of the evaluations done by the EU Delegation and the Self-Evaluation Reports of the HLAs. Consequently, the Project Steering Committee unanimously decided to extend the contracts of the 8 evaluated High Level Advisers in the fields of: Customs and Tax Policy, Education and Research, Local Public Administration Reform, Confidence Building Measures, Energy, Justice and Prosecution, Financial Services, Anticorruption.