Business sector representatives from European Business Association, American Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova and the Moldovan Association of ICT companies gathered in a meeting yesterday, 20 January, to discuss and share their views on increased communication flow between businesses and the Customs Service.

The meeting was organized as part of a larger exercise supported by the EU High Level Advisers’ Mission on modernization of the Customs Service, and was moderated by the EU High Level Adviser on Customs and Tax Policy, Rosario De Blasio and the project’s expert on the organizational development of the Customs Service, Veronica Sireteanu.

Several ideas were listed for a more efficient cooperation with the Customs Service, including the modus operandi of the Consultative Council – a forum made up of representatives of trade organisations involved in the import or export business and Customs Service. The Council also provides the member organisations with an opportunity to promote simplification and facilitation of customs procedures.

According to the business associations, efficient communication and cooperation with the Customs Service is vital for providing predictable provisions in customs procedures and better promotion of customs facilitation instruments. The conclusions of the meeting and ideas expressed will serve as a baseline for the design of a new Communication Strategy of the Customs Service – as part of deliverables within the larger exercise of Customs Service Modernization, undertaken by the EU-funded project ‘Support to the implementation of the EU High Level Advisers’ Mission’.