About 70 officers from customs, anti-money laundering, criminal prosecution and anti-corruption institutions operating throughout the country take part in the workshop ‚Improving monitoring of cross-border cash flows and anti-money laundering controls in the Republic of Moldova’. The workshop is organised on 5 and 6 December with the support of the EU-funded project ‘Assistance to the Implementation of EU High Level Advisers’ Mission’.

The event was especially relevant in the context of the new cash declaration system. Discussions focused on aspects related to the introduction of the new cash declaration system and anti-money laundering legislation in the Republic of Moldova related to the cross-border cash flows.

The EU High Level Adviser in the field of Customs, Rosario de Blasio, and the EU High Level Adviser in the field of Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting Financing of Terrorism, Igoris Krzeckovskis, presented the EU best practices related to transboundary cash movement, risk analysis and interview techniques.

Additionally, Customs Service officials presented the new cash declaration system, while the Office for Prevention and Fight against Money Laundering provided information about the national anti-money laundering rules in relation to transboundary cash movement and the implementation process of the policies and procedures in place.
According to both organisers and participants, the event provided a favourable networking environment and a timely opportunity for identification of best practices on interagency cooperation.

The event ended with a set of recommendations aimed at a better coordination of joint efforts in monitoring the cross-border cash flows and combating money laundering in the Republic of Moldova.