Field:Communication & Visibility of EU Assistance and Reform Impact
Bogdan Oprea has 19 years of experience in high level public communication and journalism and 11 years of teaching communication and media in Romania’s top communication school, at the University of Bucharest. He has a Bachelor Degree in Journalism, another Bachelor Degree in Philosophy-Journalism, a Master’s Degree in Communication Campaigns for Advertising and Public Relations and several complementary courses of protocol and communication in diplomacy, pedagogy and educational psychology.

Bogdan served as Spokesperson to the President of Romania, Head of the Public Communication Department of the Romanian Presidential Administration and Presidential State Counsellor for almost three years, as Spokesperson of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism in Romania and he was in charge of the political and image strategy and communication for a Romanian member of the European Parliament.

He worked, as a journalist, from reporter to editorial director, for leading Romanian media, national daily newspapers, specialized magazines, a television station, a news agency and several online newspapers, and he coordinated teams up to 250 journalists. Bogdan was Deputy Editor in Chief of the largest circulation national daily newspaper in history of Romania and he developed and implemented the launching projects of many local daily newspapers and of two specialized magazines.

Bogdan is involved in many volunteer humanitarian activities. Among others, he serves, as a licensed SMURD paramedic (SMURD – Mobile Service for Emergency, Resuscitation and Extrication), in first aid and rescue missions, especially on the 112 ambulances from his hometown community, in Bucharest, Romania.