The team of EU High Level Advisers gathered in a working meeting with the new Head of European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova, Ambassador Michalko. The aim of the meeting was to have a discussion on the main priorities of the project, as well as key issues in each sector.

Ambassador Michalko highlighted in his address to the EU High Level Advisers the importance of the work undertaken by them in supporting the Moldovan authorities in the implementation of the reforms and of the Association Agenda for the benefit of the citizens of the country.

The EU HLAs presented a brief overview of the state of play in their respective sectors, also highlighting the progress achieved since the launch of the Mission in January 2016.

The working meeting also provided the possibility for a broad discussion of operational matters between the Technical Assistance Project team, the European Union Delegation and the EU HLAs for a more efficient delivery of the mission’s outputs and effective accomplishment of its envisaged objectives.