The EU High Level Advisers’ Mission, together with the National Bank of Moldova and the Association of Banks from Moldova, organized a seminar dedicated to the role of corporate governance in ensuring a prudent and healthy administration of banks.
Considering the crucial role that banks have in the development process of society, as well as the need to ensure a corporate governance that supports both the proper functioning of individual banks and the banking system as a whole, the EU High Level Adviser on Financial Services, Nicolae Grigore, delivered a detailed presentation with the aim of increasing the understanding of some major aspects regarding the assessment of the suitability of Management Board members and key positions holders.
The topic was established given the Management Board responsibility regarding the approval and supervision of the process of implementing a framework that ensures the effective assessment of the adequacy of the Board both at the individual and collective level.
More than 100 participants took part in the online seminar, including the Governor of the National Bank of Moldova Anca Dragu, members of the executive management and relevant departments of the NBM, the Project Manager of the European Union Delegation in Moldova Josip Juric, as well as Management Board members of the banks licensed in the Republic of Moldova and representatives of the Moldovan Banks Association.