The Ministry of Finance together with the EU High Level Advisers’ Mission continue the information campaign on the Public Finance Management Development Strategy. On 15th of December, the campaign’s next session focused on Component 7 of the strategy, and namely transparency of public finance.  

The official opening of the event was honoured by the Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance Ana Luca and the Secretary of State Ion Gumene, who emphasized the institutional commitment to the effective implementation of Component 7 and noted that the main objective is to ensure that the management of public finance is carried out in a transparent and accountable environment.  

The EU High Level Adviser on PFM Janis Jankovskis delivered a presentation on the importance of budget transparency within public financial systems, emphasizing the importance of the PFM systems quality for EU accession, providing an overview of the BT in Moldova as compared to the international perspective, as well as commented on the alignment of the PFM strategy with remaining BT gaps. Also Mr Jankovskis highlighted the essential role of transparency in strengthening citizens’ trust in state institutions and the need to implement European practices in this field.  

Note: The information campaign was launched in September and covers all the 7 components of the Public Finance Management Development Strategy: macroeconomic analysis and the macro-budgetary framework; budget development and planning; transparency of public finances; public procurement; tax and customs policies and revenue administration.