On 23 June, Civil Servants’ Day, about 60 specialists of the Ministry of Finance and its subordinate institutions – Customs Service, State Tax Service, Public Procurement Agency, Financial Inspection – including top- and mid-management, learned how to communicate strategically on the topics of Public Finance Management – an activity organised jointly with the EU High Level Advisers’ Mission.

In view of successful implementation of the Public Finance Management Strategy 2023 – 2030, there is need for efficient communication processes, which would ensure a constant exchange of information between the public authority, citizens and business environment. The PFM Strategy includes all stages of the budget cycle for which the Government is responsible, aiming to improve the fiscal framework, strengthening the planning, execution and reporting process, increasing revenue collection, strengthening the public procurement system and improving internal control.

The EU HLA on Customs & Tax Policy, Rosario De Blasio, in the opening of the event emphasized the importance of strategic communication for the Ministry of Finance, as an essential tool to respond to complex challenges faced by the institution in promoting public policies. “Appropriate and transparent communication can help further raise awareness on the importance of the PFM strategy and reinforce buy-in from key holders and the population at large. It allows citizens to monitor state activities and engage in dialogue with public institutions in the relevant areas and to influence policy outcomes,” stated the EU HLA. 

The general objective of the Strategy is to increase the efficiency, performance and transparency of public finance – as one of the foremost priorities of the Moldovan Government in the EU accession process.