Field:Assistant of the EU High Level Adviser on Confidence Building Measures
Marcela Luchita has economic studies with a bachelor’s degree in public services and 2 master’s degrees in Tourism economy and Management. Also, she holds a doctoral degree in Pedagogy.

Marcela has working experience in both private and state sectors and an extensive assistance experience in donor-funded projects. During 5 years, she performed a wide range of tasks within the Millennium Challenge Account Moldova, the implementation unit of the Compact Program – an assistance program provided to the Republic of Moldova by the U.S. Government, with major investments directed to address the constraints to the economic development.

Before joining the EU High Level Advisers’ Mission Project team, Marcela worked as a Twinning Residence Adviser assistant in the European Union Twinning Project concerning preservation and conservation of cultural heritage. The initiatives referring to the conservation-restoration of two major cultural/historical complex of importance to the communities on both banks was part of the Confidence Building Measures implemented together with UNDP. During this assignment, Marcela was responsible for the smooth running of this collaboration and for achieving the core scope.