Field:Economy and trade in the context of DCFTA
Institution:Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure
Renata Vitez’ areas of expertise are international trade and investment policies formulation and implementation, competitiveness and private sector development, restructuring of enterprises, SME development, strategic planning and managing implementation action for regions and industries. As State Secretary, she actively participated in the formulation of competitiveness policy of the Republic of Slovenia (2000–2004), where she was personally responsible for trade and investment policy. Mrs. Vitez has 30 years of experience on important positions in the Slovenian government and on managerial positions in the private sector where she implemented advanced industrial organisation concepts. In the period 2008 – 2015, Mrs. Vitez was Director of the CEFTA Secretariat in Brussels.

Her current assignment in Moldova includes establishing the well-functioning of Ministry of Economy coordination and implementation structure for competitiveness related policies; establishing efficient coordination structure for implementation of DCFTA, and related WTO and CEFTA agreements; as well as promoting permanent dialogue and implementation of reached agreements between the Parties involved in the implementation of DCFTA in the left bank of the Nistru river.