Field:Assistant of the EU High-Level Adviser on Employment Law & EU Legislation in Employment related area
Liubovi Bojii holds the Master and Bachelor Degree in Economic Law. She is a novice in an international project, but her professional experience is over 5 years. Liubovi has strengthened her knowledge in several cumulative areas such as human resources, education and research, administration, providing managerial, legal, accounting and marketing support. Her knowledge of English was developed through the work experience for international companies, and more as head of Study department and head of Human Resources department, held in the American University of Moldova during last 2 years. Liubovi is a winner of the Republican Contest “Merit Scholarships”, the Laureate of RM in dramatic arts and the winner of prize competitions organized for students. She participates as moderator in National and International Conferences. She is actively involved in volunteer activities organized in the country.