Field:Public prosecution
Institution:Prosecutor General’s Office
Aivars Ostapko has 15 years of experience as Prosecutor. In 2005 he started working in the Methodology Division of the Prosecutor’s General Office, and in 2012 was promoted to Head Prosecutor position of this division. Since 2013 Aivars has been Head Prosecutor of the Department of the Prosecutor’s General Office, who simultaneously is also Deputy Prosecutor General in matters of the performance analysis of Prosecution services, staff management and international cooperation. Aivars Ostapko has gained also essential experience on international level while providing advice to the Prosecution Office of Serbia in cooperation with the European Consultants Organization, as well as working in Moldova under auspices of OSCE. In 2015, during the Presidency of Latvia in the Council of the European Union, Aivars was leader of EU working party COPEN in Brussels responsible for developing of regulatory framework on establishing of the European Prosecution Office in the European Union.