Who We Are

Business and Strategies Europe a mid-size consulting firm with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and regional offices around the world. Since its inception in 1991, B&S’s multi-national team has been designing, managing, and leading international development projects at a global scale. B&S Europe has developed impressive project references and a worldwide network of international experts and partners. Our clients include the European Commission and other multi-lateral donors including the World Bank Group as well as bi-lateral and private organizations world-wide.

Geographic Scope

As the table below illustrates, B&S Europe has regional offices in the Balkans, Africa, and Asia. Our most extensive regional experience lies in Europe and Africa with an expanding presence in Asia and South America. We have project offices in Kosovo, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Cyprus as well as in Togo, Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eretria, and, finally in Suriname.

Regional Offices

BalkansBucharest, Romania
AfricaDakar, Senegal
AsiaManila, Philippines