Janis Jankovskis


Country: Latvia
Field: Public Finance Management
Institution: Ministry of Finance

His international consultancy background spans approximately 20 years, during which he has been instrumental in guiding Public Finance Management (PFM) reforms in various countries, including Albania, Kosovo, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Ukraine, North Macedonia, and several Central Asian and Caucasian countries.   

Janis boasts extensive expertise in PFM analysis, policy advice, and capacity building support to the Government and major sector ministries. His proficiency covers a wide range of areas, from conducting PFM assessments and gap analyses to formulating and implementing national PFM strategies and roadmaps.

Having led and participated in 17 Technical assistance programmes to support Ministries of Finance and Government entities, Janis has been a key figure in implementing budget planning and the preparation of medium-term budget reforms. His leadership roles in countries such as Kosovo, Turkmenistan, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tajikistan, and Ukraine underscore his commitment to fostering effective Public financial management.

Furthermore, Janis has been actively involved in seven major EC funded PFM reform programs, showcasing his in-depth understanding of EC rules and procedures, including EU budget support. His extensive experience also includes addressing PFM issues in the region within the context of EU alignment, supporting countries like Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Ukraine, and his home country, Latvia, in aligning with EU practices.