Field:Local Public Administration Reform
Institution:Prime Minister’s Office
With a BS and MS in macro-economics 1986, Department of Planning and Economic Cybernetics – Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Victor has more than 21 years of experience as top manager in Romanian central and local public administration and as international expert. He was municipal counsellor (1992-2000 and 2004) and deputy mayor (1996-2000) in Romanian local government. At central level Victor Giosan was State Secretary in General Secretariat of Romanian Government (2005-2009), coordinating the system of policy making and strategic planning and State Adviser of the Prime Minister (2016) in charge of the public administration reform. As international consultant he worked in Romania (1998-2017) in different areas as: intergovernmental fiscal system, developing the local government institutional capacity, municipal service management; functional reviews of central institutions, strategic planning; public investment management – long term resident adviser of World Bank in Ministry of Public Finance. Outside Romania he worked in Albania (2002), Serbia (2003-2011), Bosnia Herzegovina (2004), Kosovo (2006-2007 and 2009), Tajikistan (2012), Moldova (2010-2015 and 2017) in different areas: decentralization strategy, fiscal decentralization and intergovernmental transfer design, decentralization of social services, functional reviews of CoG, strategic planning in projects funded by DfID, USAID, European Commission, UNDP/UNICEF, Council of Europe, World Bank.