Field:Rural Development and Agriculture
Institution:Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment
Snezhana Blagoeva has extensive experience in the field of Agricultural and Rural Development policy, working both at expert and decision-making levels. She has been directly involved in the EU accession negotiations of Bulgaria, harmonisation of the Bulgarian legislation with acquis communautaire in the field of agriculture and setting up of the necessary institutional framework for the successful implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). She has the experience of successful implementation of the EU CAP at national level, the improvement of the institutional structure and capacity and adaptation of the policy to the agricultural sector`s needs and requirements. During the negotiations for the CAP 2014-2020 she has been in charge of the negotiation team and for the preparation of the relevant national strategic documents and analyses. In 2013 as part of the Bulgarian caretaker government Mrs.Blagoeva was Deputy-minister responsible for CAP implementation, Rural Development and land management. She has master degrees in Agricultural Economics, Law and EU law.

Ms. Blagoeva’s current assignment in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry is to provide policy recommendations and guidance on the implementation of the EU-Moldova Association agreement in the area of Agriculture and Rural development. She will support MAFI in elaboration and implementation of Agricultural and Rural development policy in line with EU policies and best practices through setting up the necessary institutional and legal framework.