State Chancellery hosted today, 25 May, a workshop on transparency in decision making, attended by representatives of all central public authorities. The aim of the event was to take stock of the state of play regarding cooperation with civil society in the decision making process, share experience, but also learn from the best European practices in this regard. The workshop was organized with the support of the EU project ‚Assistance to the implementation of EU High Level Advisers Mission to the Republic of Moldova’.

In his welcoming speech, Adrian Ermurachi, Deputy Secretary General of the Government, appreciated the input of EU High Level Advisers Mission in the implementation of reforms stipulated in the Association Agreement, mentioning that civil society involvement in the decision making process is of crucial importance. According to the official, the new law on transparency in decision making, but also the new Strategy on cooperation with civil society outline the necessary normative framework for an efficient dialogue with the factors involved in the decision making process.

Aneil Singh, Head of Cooperation Section of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, mentioned that transparency in decision making is crucial in ensuring development of efficient policies, based on the needs of citizens. According to him, the European Union offers support to the Republic of Moldova in view of ensuring a continuous dialogue with the civil society, a proof in this respect being the recent deployment of an EU High Level Adviser in civil society engagement and accountability.

In their turn, State Chancellery representatives presented the legal and institutional framework regarding transparency in decision making, but also made a series of recommendations for public authorities, among which a more active involvement of stakeholders, consolidation of existing dialogue platforms for public consultations.

The EU High Level Adviser on public administration reform, Gunta Veismane, and the EU High Level Adviser in civil society engagement and accountability, Ancuta Vamesu, talked about Latvian and Romanian experience, accordingly, regarding participation of civil society in decision making; the participants at the workshop having the possibility to address questions and take over best EU practices in this area.